Ireland and Britain Observed Newsletter – February

It’s All About Experience
Exceptional Experiences in Ireland and Britain

This month we look at some amazing expereinces in Ireland and Scotland as well as looking at some of the newest hotels in Dublin.

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The Million Pound Bottle
Whiskey Tasting With A True Connoisseur

The Million Pound Bottle Whiskey Tasting With A True Connoisseur
Halfway between Gleneagles and The Balmoral

Halfway between Gleneagles and The Balmoral, a stupendous stately home sits on the banks of the Firth of Forth. Its noble owner is a direct descendant of Scotland’s greatest king. His mansion is full of art and antiques normally only seen in the Getty or the Smithsonian. Your guide will waft you past the “Strictly Private” signs and bring you up the mile long avenue, through rolling parkland, to the house. There your host and the family piper await to pipe you in.

Master of the Quaich house

After an informal tour of the house the business of the day begins. Scotland’s leading whisky expert, the Master of the Quaich, has an array of rare and ancient fine whiskies to taste. After the tasting lunch will be served in the State dining room, a room familiar to many Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers and Generals, before your return to 21st Century! For the ultimate experience we can get the artist who created the 1926 Macallan bottle to design your own bottle.

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