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It all began in 1978 when John Colclough, an avid reader with a quick wit who is blessed with a rare photographic memory and enough intelligence to share with an army, began exploring the history, culture, and traditions of Ireland. Following his heart and with a profound affection for the island, Colclough explored the untrammeled backroads lined with ancient hand-designed stone fences that appear as if they were created by a master artist and designed for horse-drawn carriages. He negotiates postal lanes that carve their way past rolling grass fields with the most brilliant green on the planet, dotted with elm and lime trees, and glorious castles that appear like an astonishing vision in a landscape bordered by blankets of green and stands of leafy trees.

John Colclough has explored and researched Ireland from border to border.

Winding his way into villages, speaking with residents in Gaelic, listening to their tales and wondering what’s around the corner, he investigates haunted castles and researches the absolute best of Ireland, the preeminent accommodations, the finest chefs, creating personal connections to private estates and castles, and is able to open doors to remarkable possibilities, not available to visitors. With a great passion, Colclough affectionately appreciated the great country houses and castles of Ireland. He has traced the development of Irish architecture from medieval times to modern day, is a member of the Irish Georgian Society, a group that is helping to preserve and save the old Irish houses, castles and estates and along the way, having spent his adult years investigating Ireland’s distinguished travel destinations, launched Ireland & Britain Observed, the essence of luxury travel.

Colclough, (pronounced colclee), was born in Wexford, located in southeast Ireland. He attended school in London to follow in the footsteps of his father and grandfather who were both barristers. Tired of law, John switched to art, literature, architecture, history and the magic of storytelling. In the 1980’s, Colclough inherited a 1947 Bentley by chance from an uncle who couldn’t afford to run the car and while driving around the countryside, Colclough discovered a 1949 Rolls-Royce that was being used as a chicken coop in the backyard of a farmhouse where a tree or two had also found a home among the eggs. He purchased the Rolls, collected the eggs, chased out the hens, removed the trees, and meticulously restored the vehicle. He decided the best way to utilize the cars would be to take guests on tours in the Bentley and Rolls-Royce to some of the 150 or so private homes and castles that he was personally familiar with, including those that were haunted or had a presence….